Glass Towers

コンパイル盤『Collarborne Jungle』で日本デビュー。
The Great Escape、UKツアーを経て初来日を果たす。

1st full-album『Halcyon Days』

Glass Towers have experienced an extraordinary 18 months, with February single “Jumanji” propelling them to the top of Triple J and radio playlists. The band have toured with the likes of Dappled Cities, Loon Lake and Neil Finn’s Pajama Club.


Collarbone Jungle 
Collarbone Jungle
Limited Edition (SOLD OUT)
01. Jumanji
02. Tonight
03. We Will Miss It All
04. Billie
05. Collarbone Jungle
06. Lino The Lion
07. Paint
08. Gloom
09. Of Court & Kings
10. Holiday (Acoustic)

Halcyon Days

01. In This City
02. Castles
03. Jumanji
04. Tonight
05. Gloom
06. Halcyon
07. Lust For Life
08. You’re Better
09. Griffin
10. The Best Of Friends
11. Foreign Time

For Fans Of: The Cure, New Order, The Smiths, Two Door Cinema Club, The Kooks, The Cribs