The Wellingtons

The Wellingtons is BACK!!!


アルバム『END OF THE SUMMER』発売を記念して2017年10月、4年ぶり来日公演決定!

The Wellingtons Japan Tour 2017

10月27日(金) 渋谷club乙
10月28日(土) 京都MOJO
10月29日(日) 広島UP-WARD
10月30日(月) 福岡Kieth Flack
10月31日(火) 大阪CLAPPER
11月1日(水) 名古屋CLUB ZION
11月2日(木) HEAVEN’S ROCK 宇都宮 VJ-2
11月3日(金) 高崎club FLEEZ Asile
11月4日(土) 新代田FEVER
11月5日(日) つくばPARKDINER


11月6日(月) 新代田FEVER



ぴあ 342-915
ローソン 72608


2,000 yen (Tax Out)

1. Not Getting What I Want
2. Over & Done With 
3. Please Be Nice
4. No Way This Could Fail 
5. So Easy 
6. End of the Summer 
7. Make It Better 
8. 1963 
9. She’s in Love 
10. She Rides the Bus 
11. Making Faces in the Mirror 

The Wellingtonsの5年ぶり最新アルバム、11曲入りフルアルバム



Hey Hey

Hey Hey (10″ VINYL)

1409 yen (Tax Out)

01. Devil in a Cardigan
02. The Coolest Drug
03. Hey Hey
04. Under the Power of a Girl
05. Another Drummer Down


In Transit

In Transit

2100 yen (Tax in) XQER-1031

1 Keep Me Holding On
2 I ’m Feeling the Same Way
3 Adamant
4 Your Love Keeps Bringing Me Down
5 Baby’s Got a Secret
6 I Just Wanna Love You Girl
7 I Fell For You
8 I Hope You’re Happy Now
9 Alright Alright
10 No One Ever Calls Me Baby
11 Be My Guest
12 Your One
13 Back to You

Heading North For The Winter 

Heading North For The Winter

2100 yen (Tax in) XQER-1004

1. Song For Kim
2. Come Undone
3. I Get My Heart Broken Everyday
4. Freak Out
5. Popped Ballon
6. Natalie
7. For Friends In A Far Away Places
8. Waiting For My Time To Come
9. I Wanna Go Back
10. On & Off

For Friends In Far Away Places 

For Friends In Far Away Places

2100 yen (Tax in) TTR-201

1. Top Ten List
2. Sight For Sore Eyes
3. Singer In A Cover Band
4. If We Feel O.K
5. Girls In Magazines
6. Goodbye Heartbreaker
7. Penny
8. Doin’ It With You
9. The Nice One
10. She Gave Up

Keeping Up With The Wellingtons 

Keeping Up With The Wellingtons

1980 yen (Tax in) TTR-109CD
SOLDOUT ※輸入盤のみ

1. Tired & Lazy
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
3. Help Me Fall
4. Nothing You Can Do
5. She Was The Girl
6. Tired Eyes
7. So Lonely
8. She’s Leaving Home
9. Hello Hello
10. Gets Too Easy
11. Sundays*
12. Uncle Albert*
13. Something Big*
14. Talk It Over*
15. Distance Times The Space Between*
*Unreleased Tracks for JP only

Origin: Melbourne, Australia Members: Zac - Lead Vocals, Guitar Kate - Bass, Vocals Anna - Keyboards David - Drums Koji - Guitar, Vocals For Fans Of: Weezer, Fountains Of Wayne, Jellyfish, Elvis Costello,