Parachute Musical


ナッシュビル出身、Parachute Musicalの最高傑作は『Kill It Cut It Down』
Ben Foldsらに代表されるピアノバンド特有のポップで飛び跳ねるような疾走感に、ちょっぴりビターで青春の陰を感じさせるメロディー。このアルバムは前進、挫折、興奮、後悔・・青年として彼らが直面したの冒険の記録。



Everything Is Working Out Fine In Some Town” + “No Comfort “Single”


1. Everything Is Working Out Fine In Some Town
2. Dear Jacksonville
3. Leave Me
4. Instead
5. Back The Same
6. Flashback ’83
7. College Degree
8. Arrhythmia
9. One More Song
10. Stranger Things
11. No Comfort (No Comfort)
12. Drop Me A Line (No Comfort)
13. Little Did You Know (bonus track)



Kill It Cut It Down


01. Back To Life
02. Reflection
03. Stubborn Young Manhood
04. Back To The Bottom
05. Kill It Cut It Down
06. Nothing Wrong
07. You Plus Me And All Your Friends
08. You Could Take A Lot
09. Hometown
10 On The Ground
11. Losing You
13. Little Did You Know

Place: Washington, DC ..and now Nashville, TN Member: Josh Foster - vocals, piano Tom Gilbert - guitar, vocals Andrew Samples - bass, vocals Ben Jacoby - drums